Deva Composites manufacture the most comprehensive range of advanced Composite tubes and profiles in the United Kingdom - from 20mm in diameter to over 2 metres in diameter - utilising an extensive range of resin and fibre systems including : epoxy, polyester, Phenolic, glass fibre, carbon fibre, aramid etc.

Deva Composites have a wealth of manufacturing and design experience gained over the past 25 years, enabling us to offer the benefit of its first hand experience in all manner of applications.

Our large and diverse customer base range from multi-national corporations requiring serial production of several thousand units to individuals requiring a one off tube.

Deva Composites products are manufactured using the latest 4 axis CNC production equipment and the largest precision composite machining facilities in the UK - capable of handling tubes of up to 3.5m in diameter.

A Division of Cope Engineering (Rollmakers) Limited

Further details about them can be found on their web site:

Deva Composites

A Division of Cope Engineering (Rollmakers) Limited
Sion Street Works
M26 3SF
Telephone : 0161 706 0255

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